Contains the server-side APIs for deRPC.


CastableTypeData An encapsulation of a JSON object containing castable type information. 
CommandSerializationUtil.Accessor Defines methods for getting and setting fields. 


ClientOracle Encapsulates information about a remote client. 
CommandSerializationUtil Contains common utility code. 
CommandServerSerializationStreamReader This class will use ValueCommands to reconstitute objects. 
CommandServerSerializationStreamWriter A server-side implementation of SerializationStreamWriter that creates a command stream. 
DelegatingClientOracle A delegate-pattern ClientOracle that can be used to introduce custom behavior. 
HostedModeClientOracle A ClientOracle that is used for hosted-mode clients. 
Pair<A, B> Simple pair class. 
RPC EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change. 
RpcServlet EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change. 
SimplePayloadDecoder Decodes the simple payload. 
WebModeClientOracle Encapsulates data about the structure of the client code. 
WebModeClientOracle.Builder A Builder object to create ClientOracles. 
WebModeClientOracle.Triple<A, B, C> A pair with extra data. 
WebModePayloadSink A CommandSink that will generate a web-mode payload.