This package contains i18n classes and interfaces shared between client and server.


GwtLocale Class representing GWT locales and conversion to/from other formats. 
GwtLocaleFactory Factories that know how to create GwtLocale instances. 
HasDirectionEstimator Interface for objects that have a direction estimator. 


AnyRtlDirectionEstimator Direction estimator that uses the "any RTL" heuristic. 
BidiFormatter Utility class for formatting text for display in a potentially opposite-direction context without garbling. 
BidiFormatterBase Base class for BidiFormatter and SafeHtmlBidiFormatter that contains their common implementation. 
BidiFormatterBase.Factory<T extends BidiFormatterBase> Abstract factory class for BidiFormatterBase. 
BidiUtils Utility functions for performing common Bidi tests on strings. 
DirectionEstimator Interface for direction estimators. 
FirstStrongDirectionEstimator Direction estimator that uses the "first strong" heuristic. 
SafeHtmlBidiFormatter A wrapper to BidiFormatter whose methods return SafeHtml instead of String
WordCountDirectionEstimator Direction estimator that uses the "word count" heuristic.