SerializableTypeOracle Interface implemented by any class that wants to answer questions about serializable types for a given RemoteService


CustomFieldSerializerValidator Checks that a custom serializer is valid. 
FieldSerializerCreator Creates a field serializer for a class that implements IsSerializable or Serializable. 
ProblemReport A collection of reported problems; these are accumulated during the SerializableTypeOracleBuilder's isSerializable analysis, and what to do about the problems is decided only later. 
ProblemReport.Problem An individual report, which may require multiple entries (expressed as logs under a branchpoint), but relates to an individual issue. 
ProxyCreator Creates a client-side proxy for a RemoteService interface as well as the necessary type and field serializers. 
SerializableTypeOracleBuilder Builds a SerializableTypeOracle for a given set of root types. 
SerializationUtils Utilities used for implementing serialization. 
ServiceInterfaceProxyGenerator Generator for producing the asynchronous version of a RemoteService interface. 
TypeConstrainer This class defines the method constrainTypeBy(JClassType, JClassType)
TypeSerializerCreator This class generates a class with name 'typeSerializerClassName' that is able to serialize and deserialize a set of types into or out of a stream. 


ProblemReport.Priority Priority of problems.