Classes for HTML Canvas 2D support.


Context Rendering Context interface used to draw on a CanvasElement


CanvasGradient Gradient object used with Context2d
CanvasPattern Pattern object used with Context2d
CanvasPixelArray Array-like object holding the actual image data for an ImageData object. 
Context2d Rendering interface used to draw on a CanvasElement
CssColor CSS Color object. 
FillStrokeStyle Represents a CssColor, CanvasGradient, or CanvasPattern that is used for stroke and fill. 
ImageData Object that holds image data and a size. 
TextMetrics HTML 5 Canvas text metrics. 


Context2d.Composite Enum for composite style. 
Context2d.LineCap Enum for line-cap style. 
Context2d.LineJoin Enum for line-join style. 
Context2d.Repetition Enum for the repetition values. 
Context2d.TextAlign Enum for text align style. 
Context2d.TextBaseline Enum for text baseline style.