Classes and interfaces used by the cellview widget set.


CellPreviewEvent.Handler<T> Handler for CellPreviewEvent
DefaultSelectionEventManager.EventTranslator<T> Translates CellPreviewEvents into DefaultSelectionEventManager.SelectActions. 
HasCellPreviewHandlers<T> A widget that implements this interface is a public source of CellPreviewEvent events. 
HasData<T> A view that can display a range of data. 
HasKeyProvider<T> Interface for classes that have a ProvidesKey
HasRows Describes an object that displays a range of rows. 

Implementors of ProvidesKey provide a key for list items, such that items that are to be treated as distinct (for example, for editing) have distinct keys. 

RangeChangeEvent.Handler Handler interface for RangeChangeEvent events. 
RowCountChangeEvent.Handler Handler interface for RowCountChangeEvent events. 
SelectionChangeEvent.Handler Handler interface for SelectionChangeEvent events. 
SelectionModel<T> A model for selection within a list. 
TreeViewModel A model of a tree. 
TreeViewModel.NodeInfo<T> The info needed to create the children of a tree node. 


AbstractDataProvider<T> A base implementation of a data source for HasData implementations. 
AsyncDataProvider<T> An implementation of AbstractDataProvider that allows the data to be modified. 
CellPreviewEvent<T> Allows the previewing of events before they are fired to Cells. 
DefaultSelectionEventManager<T> An implementation of CellPreviewEvent.Handler that adds selection support via the spacebar and mouse clicks and handles the control key. 
DefaultSelectionEventManager.CheckboxEventTranslator<T> Implementation of DefaultSelectionEventManager.CheckboxEventTranslator that only triggers selection when any checkbox is selected. 
DefaultSelectionModel<T> A convenience SelectionModel that allows records to be selected according to a subclass-defined rule, plus a list of positive or negative exceptions. 
ListDataProvider<T> A concrete subclass of AbstractDataProvider that is backed by an in-memory list. 
MultiSelectionModel<T> A simple selection model that allows multiple objects to be selected. 
NoSelectionModel<T> A selection model that does not allow selection, but fires selection change events. 
Range The range of interest for a single handler. 
RangeChangeEvent Represents a range change event. 
RowCountChangeEvent Represents a row count change event. 
SelectionChangeEvent Represents a selection change event. 
SelectionModel.AbstractSelectionModel<T> A default implementation of SelectionModel that provides listener addition and removal. 
SimpleKeyProvider<T> Simple passthrough implementation of ProvidesKey
SingleSelectionModel<T> A simple selection model that allows only one object to be selected a a time. 
TreeViewModel.DefaultNodeInfo<T> Default implementation of TreeViewModel.DefaultNodeInfo


DefaultSelectionEventManager.SelectAction The action that controls how selection is handled.