Shared classes for creating safe HTML content.


HtmlSanitizer Sanitizes untrusted HTML. 
SafeHtml An object that implements this interface encapsulates HTML that is guaranteed to be safe to use (with respect to potential Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerabilities) in an HTML context. 


OnlyToBeUsedInGeneratedCodeStringBlessedAsSafeHtml A string wrapped as an object of type SafeHtml
SafeHtmlBuilder A builder that facilitates the building up of XSS-safe HTML from text snippets. 
SafeHtmlHostedModeUtils SafeHtml utilities whose implementation differs between Development and Production Mode. 
SafeHtmlUtils Utility class containing static methods for escaping and sanitizing strings. 
SimpleHtmlSanitizer A simple and relatively inexpensive HTML sanitizer. 
UriUtils Utility class containing static methods for validating and sanitizing URIs.