This package contains i18n generators. The class in this package are not meant to be used directly.


AbstractResource.ResourceEntry Definition of a single entry for a resource. 
MessageFormatParser.TemplateChunkVisitor Visitor for template chunks. 


AbstractLocalizableInterfaceCreator Abstract base functionality for MessagesInterfaceCreator and ConstantsInterfaceCreator
AbstractResource AbstractResource serves the same purpose as java ResourceBundle/PropertyResourceBundle. 
AbstractResource.MultipleFormEntry Implementation of ResourceEntry that supports multiple forms per entry. 
AbstractResource.ResourceList Encapsulates an ordered set of resources to search for translations. 
AbstractResource.SimpleEntry A simple resource entry with no alternate forms, only a key and a value. 
AnnotationsResource AbstractResource implementation which looks up text annotations on classes. 
AnnotationsResource.ArgumentInfo Class for argument information, used for export. 
AnnotationUtil Utility class for i18n-related annotation manipulation routines. 
ConstantsInterfaceCreator Constants Interface creator. 
CurrencyListGenerator Generator used to generate a localized version of CurrencyList, which contains the list of currencies (with names, symbols, and other information) localized to the current locale. 
CustomDateTimeFormatGenerator Generator used to generate an implementation of a CustomDateTimeFormat interface, computing the best matching localized format patterns at compile time. 
DateTimePatternGenerator Helper class to create a localized date/time pattern based on a pattern skeleton. 
LocaleInfoContext A LocaleUtils specific context for caching. 
LocaleInfoGenerator Generator used to generate an implementation of the LocaleInfoImpl class, which is used by the LocaleInfo class. 
LocaleUtils Utility methods for dealing with locales. 
LocalizableGenerator Generator used to bind classes extending the Localizable and Constants interfaces. 
MessageFormatParser Helper class for parsing MessageFormat-style format strings. 
MessageFormatParser.ArgumentChunk Represents an argument in a template string. 
MessageFormatParser.DefaultTemplateChunkVisitor Default implementation of TemplateChunkVisitor -- other implementations should extend this if possible to avoid breakage when new TemplateChunk subtypes are added. 
MessageFormatParser.StaticArgChunk Represents a static argument, which is used to remove markup from translator view without having to supply it at each callsite. 
MessageFormatParser.StringChunk Represents a literal string portion of a template string. 
MessageFormatParser.TemplateChunk Represents a parsed chunk of a template. 
MessagesInterfaceCreator Creates a MessagesInterface from a Resource file. 
ResourceFactory Creates resources. 
ResourceFactoryContext Stores cached state for the LocalizableGenerator. 
StringGenerator Helper class to produce string expressions consisting of literals and computed values. 


AbstractResource.MissingResourceException Exception indicating a required resource was not found. 
AnnotationsResource.AnnotationsError An exception indicating there was some problem with an annotation.