Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP.

Normally to be used through an AspectJAutoProxyCreator rather than directly.


AspectJAdvisorFactory Interface for factories that can create Spring AOP Advisors from classes annotated with AspectJ annotation syntax. 
MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory Subinterface of AspectInstanceFactory that returns AspectMetadata associated with AspectJ-annotated classes. 


AbstractAspectJAdvisorFactory Abstract base class for factories that can create Spring AOP Advisors given AspectJ classes from classes honoring the AspectJ 5 annotation syntax. 
AbstractAspectJAdvisorFactory.AspectJAnnotation<A extends Annotation> Class modelling an AspectJ annotation, exposing its type enumeration and pointcut String. 
AnnotationAwareAspectJAutoProxyCreator AspectJAwareAdvisorAutoProxyCreator subclass that processes all AspectJ annotation aspects in the current application context, as well as Spring Advisors. 
AspectJProxyFactory AspectJ-based proxy factory, allowing for programmatic building of proxies which include AspectJ aspects (code style as well Java 5 annotation style). 
AspectMetadata Metadata for an AspectJ aspect class, with an additional Spring AOP pointcut for the per clause. 
BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory AspectInstanceFactory implementation backed by a Spring BeanFactory
BeanFactoryAspectJAdvisorsBuilder Helper for retrieving @AspectJ beans from a BeanFactory and building Spring Advisors based on them, for use with auto-proxying. 
LazySingletonAspectInstanceFactoryDecorator Decorator to cause a MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory to instantiate only once. 
PrototypeAspectInstanceFactory AspectInstanceFactory backed by a BeanFactory-provided prototype, enforcing prototype semantics. 
ReflectiveAspectJAdvisorFactory Factory that can create Spring AOP Advisors given AspectJ classes from classes honoring the AspectJ 5 annotation syntax, using reflection to invoke the corresponding advice methods. 
ReflectiveAspectJAdvisorFactory.SyntheticInstantiationAdvisor Synthetic advisor that instantiates the aspect. 
SimpleMetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory Implementation of MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory that creates a new instance of the specified aspect class for every getAspectInstance() call. 
SingletonMetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory Implementation of MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory that is backed by a specified singleton object, returning the same instance for every getAspectInstance() call. 



NotAnAtAspectException Extension of AopConfigException thrown when trying to perform an advisor generation operation on a class that is not an AspectJ annotation-style aspect.