JavaMail support for Spring's mail infrastructure. Provides an extended JavaMailSender interface and a MimeMessageHelper class for convenient population of a JavaMail MimeMessage.


JavaMailSender Extended MailSender interface for JavaMail, supporting MIME messages both as direct arguments and through preparation callbacks. 
MimeMessagePreparator Callback interface for the preparation of JavaMail MIME messages. 


ConfigurableMimeFileTypeMap Spring-configurable FileTypeMap implementation that will read MIME type to file extension mappings from a standard JavaMail MIME type mapping file, using a standard MimetypesFileTypeMap underneath. 
InternetAddressEditor Editor for java.mail.internet.InternetAddress, to directly populate an InternetAddress property. 
JavaMailSenderImpl Production implementation of the JavaMailSender interface, supporting both JavaMail MimeMessage MimeMessages and Spring SimpleMailMessages
MimeMailMessage Implementation of the MailMessage interface for a JavaMail MIME message, to let message population code interact with a simple message or a MIME message through a common interface. 
MimeMessageHelper Helper class for populating a javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage.