SPI package allowing Spring AOP framework to handle arbitrary advice types.
Users who want merely to use the Spring AOP framework, rather than extend its capabilities, don't need to concern themselves with this package.
You may wish to use these adapters to wrap Spring-specific advices, such as MethodBeforeAdvice, in MethodInterceptor, to allow their use in another AOP framework supporting the AOP Alliance interfaces.

These adapters do not depend on any other Spring framework classes to allow such usage.


AdvisorAdapter Interface allowing extension to the Spring AOP framework to allow handling of new Advisors and Advice types. 
AdvisorAdapterRegistry Interface for registries of Advisor adapters. 


AdvisorAdapterRegistrationManager BeanPostProcessor that registers AdvisorAdapter beans in the BeanFactory with an AdvisorAdapterRegistry (by default the GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry). 
AfterReturningAdviceInterceptor Interceptor to wrap am AfterReturningAdvice
DefaultAdvisorAdapterRegistry Default implementation of the AdvisorAdapterRegistry interface. 
GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry Singleton to publish a shared DefaultAdvisorAdapterRegistry instance. 
MethodBeforeAdviceInterceptor Interceptor to wrap am MethodBeforeAdvice
ThrowsAdviceInterceptor Interceptor to wrap an after-throwing advice. 


UnknownAdviceTypeException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to use an unsupported Advisor or Advice type.