Provides a utility class for easy ConnectionFactory access, a PlatformTransactionManager for local CCI transactions, and various simple ConnectionFactory proxies/adapters.


CciLocalTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation that manages local transactions for a single CCI ConnectionFactory. 
ConnectionFactoryUtils Helper class that provides static methods for obtaining CCI Connections from a javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory. 
ConnectionHolder Connection holder, wrapping a CCI Connection. 
ConnectionSpecConnectionFactoryAdapter An adapter for a target CCI javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory, applying the given ConnectionSpec to every standard getConnection() call, that is, implicitly invoking getConnection(ConnectionSpec) on the target. 
DelegatingConnectionFactory CCI ConnectionFactory implementation that delegates all calls to a given target ConnectionFactory. 
NotSupportedRecordFactory Implementation of the CCI RecordFactory interface that always throws NotSupportedException. 
SingleConnectionFactory A CCI ConnectionFactory adapter that returns the same Connection on all getConnection calls, and ignores calls to Connection.close()
TransactionAwareConnectionFactoryProxy Proxy for a target CCI javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory, adding awareness of Spring-managed transactions.