Provides a strategy for looking up JDBC DataSources by name.


DataSourceLookup Strategy interface for looking up DataSources by name. 


AbstractRoutingDataSource Abstract javax.sql.DataSource implementation that routes getConnection() calls to one of various target DataSources based on a lookup key. 
BeanFactoryDataSourceLookup DataSourceLookup implementation based on a Spring BeanFactory
IsolationLevelDataSourceRouter DataSource that routes to one of various target DataSources based on the current transaction isolation level. 
JndiDataSourceLookup JNDI-based DataSourceLookup implementation. 
MapDataSourceLookup Simple DataSourceLookup implementation that relies on a map for doing lookups. 
SingleDataSourceLookup An implementation of the DataSourceLookup that simply wraps a single given DataSource, returned for any data source name. 


DataSourceLookupFailureException Exception to be thrown by a DataSourceLookup implementation, indicating that the specified DataSource could not be obtained.