JDK 1.5+ annotation for asynchronous method execution.


AsyncAnnotationAdvisor Advisor that activates asynchronous method execution through the Async annotation. 
AsyncAnnotationBeanPostProcessor Bean post-processor that automatically applies asynchronous invocation behavior to any bean that carries the Async annotation at class or method-level by adding a corresponding AsyncAnnotationAdvisor to the exposed proxy (either an existing AOP proxy or a newly generated proxy that implements all of the target's interfaces). 
AsyncResult<V> A pass-through Future handle that can be used for method signatures which are declared with a Future return type for asynchronous execution. 
ScheduledAnnotationBeanPostProcessor Bean post-processor that registers methods annotated with @Scheduled to be invoked by a TaskScheduler according to the "fixedRate", "fixedDelay", or "cron" expression provided via the annotation.