Support classes for application events, like standard context events. To be supported by all major application context implementations.


ApplicationEventMulticaster Interface to be implemented by objects that can manage a number of ApplicationListener objects, and publish events to them. 
SmartApplicationListener Extended variant of the standard ApplicationListener interface, exposing further metadata such as the supported event type. 


AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster Abstract implementation of the ApplicationEventMulticaster interface, providing the basic listener registration facility. 
ApplicationContextEvent Base class for events raised for an ApplicationContext
ContextClosedEvent Event raised when an ApplicationContext gets closed. 
ContextRefreshedEvent Event raised when an ApplicationContext gets initialized or refreshed. 
ContextStartedEvent Event raised when an ApplicationContext gets started. 
ContextStoppedEvent Event raised when an ApplicationContext gets stopped. 
EventPublicationInterceptor MethodInterceptor Interceptor that publishes an ApplicationEvent to all ApplicationListeners registered with an ApplicationEventPublisher after each successful method invocation. 
GenericApplicationListenerAdapter SmartApplicationListener adapter that determines supported event types through introspecting the generically declared type of the target listener. 
SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster Simple implementation of the ApplicationEventMulticaster interface. 
SourceFilteringListener ApplicationListener decorator that filters events from a specified event source, invoking its delegate listener for matching ApplicationEvent objects only.