Support package for declarative AOP configuration, with XML schema being the primary configuration format.


AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator Base implementation for BeanDefinitionDecorators wishing to add an org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor interceptor to the resulting bean. 
AdviceEntry ParseState entry representing an advice element. 
AdvisorComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition that bridges the gap between the advisor bean definition configured by the <aop:advisor> tag and the component definition infrastructure. 
AdvisorEntry ParseState entry representing an advisor. 
AopConfigUtils Utility class for handling registration of AOP auto-proxy creators. 
AopNamespaceHandler NamespaceHandler for the aop namespace. 
AopNamespaceUtils Utility class for handling registration of auto-proxy creators used internally by the 'aop' namespace tags. 
AspectComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition that holds an aspect definition, including its nested pointcuts. 
AspectEntry ParseState entry representing an aspect. 
MethodLocatingFactoryBean FactoryBean implementation that locates a Method on a specified bean. 
PointcutComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition implementation that holds a pointcut definition. 
PointcutEntry ParseState entry representing a pointcut. 
SimpleBeanFactoryAwareAspectInstanceFactory Implementation of AspectInstanceFactory that locates the aspect from the BeanFactory using a configured bean name.