Contains support classes for connecting to local and remote MBeanServers and for exposing an MBeanServer to remote clients.


ConnectorServerFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates a JSR-160 JMXConnectorServer, optionally registers it with the MBeanServer and then starts it. 
JmxUtils Collection of generic utility methods to support Spring JMX. 
MBeanRegistrationSupport Provides supporting infrastructure for registering MBeans with an 
MBeanServerConnectionFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates a JMX 1.2 MBeanServerConnection to a remote MBeanServer exposed via a JMXServerConnector
MBeanServerFactoryBean FactoryBean that obtains an reference through the standard JMX 1.2 API (which is available on JDK 1.5 or as part of a JMX 1.2 provider). 
NotificationListenerHolder Helper class that aggregates a, a, and an arbitrary handback object, as well as the names of MBeans from which the listener wishes to receive Notifications. 
ObjectNameManager Helper class for the creation of instances. 
WebSphereMBeanServerFactoryBean FactoryBean that obtains a WebSphere reference through WebSphere's proprietary AdminServiceFactory API, available on WebSphere 5.1 and higher. 


MetricType Represents how the measurement values of a ManagedMetric will change over time