Transaction SPI implementation for JTA.


TransactionFactory Strategy interface for creating JTA javax.transaction.Transaction objects based on specified transactional characteristics. 


JtaAfterCompletionSynchronization Adapter for a JTA Synchronization, invoking the afterCommit / afterCompletion callbacks of Spring TransactionSynchronization objects callbacks after the outer JTA transaction has completed. 
JtaTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation for JTA, delegating to a backend JTA provider. 
JtaTransactionObject JTA transaction object, representing a javax.transaction.UserTransaction. 
ManagedTransactionAdapter Adapter for a managed JTA Transaction handle, taking a JTA javax.transaction.TransactionManager reference and creating a JTA javax.transaction.Transaction handle for it. 
OC4JJtaTransactionManager Special JtaTransactionManager variant for Oracle OC4J (10.1.3 and higher). 
SimpleTransactionFactory Default implementation of the TransactionFactory strategy interface, simply wrapping a standard JTA javax.transaction.TransactionManager. 
SpringJtaSynchronizationAdapter Adapter that implements the JTA javax.transaction.Synchronization interface delegating to an underlying Spring TransactionSynchronization
UserTransactionAdapter Adapter for a JTA UserTransaction handle, taking a JTA javax.transaction.TransactionManager reference and creating a JTA javax.transaction.UserTransaction handle for it. 
WebLogicJtaTransactionManager Special JtaTransactionManager variant for BEA WebLogic (9.0 and higher). 
WebSphereUowTransactionManager WebSphere-specific PlatformTransactionManager implementation that delegates to a instance, obtained from WebSphere's JNDI environment.