Provides support for accessing remote MBean resources. Requires JMX 1.2 or above.


MBeanClientInterceptor org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor that routes calls to an MBean running on the supplied MBeanServerConnection
MBeanProxyFactoryBean Creates a proxy to a managed resource running either locally or remotely. 
NotificationListenerRegistrar Registrar object that associates a specific with one or more MBeans in an (typically via a 


InvalidInvocationException Thrown when trying to invoke an operation on a proxy that is not exposed by the proxied MBean resource's management interface. 
InvocationFailureException Thrown when an invocation on an MBean resource failed with an exception (either a reflection exception or an exception thrown by the target method itself). 
MBeanConnectFailureException Thrown when an invocation failed because of an I/O problem on the MBeanServerConnection. 
MBeanInfoRetrievalException Thrown if an exception is encountered when trying to retrieve MBean metadata.