This package contains the Spring TestContext Framework which provides annotation-driven unit and integration testing support that is agnostic of the actual testing framework in use. The same techniques and annotation-based configuration used in, for example, a JUnit 3.8 environment can also be applied to tests written with JUnit 4.5+, TestNG, etc.

In addition to providing generic and extensible testing infrastructure, the Spring TestContext Framework provides out-of-the-box support for Spring-specific integration testing functionality such as context management and caching, dependency injection of test fixtures, and transactional test management with default rollback semantics.


ContextLoader Strategy interface for loading an application context

TestExecutionListener defines a listener API for reacting to test execution events published by the TestContextManager with which the listener is registered. 


TestContext TestContext encapsulates the context in which a test is executed, agnostic of the actual testing framework in use. 

TestContextManager is the main entry point into the Spring TestContext Framework, which provides support for loading and accessing application contexts, dependency injection of test instances, transactional execution of test methods, etc.