Bean post-processors for use in ApplicationContexts to simplify AOP usage by automatically creating AOP proxies without the need to use a ProxyFactoryBean.

The various post-processors in this package need only be added to an ApplicationContext (typically in an XML bean definition document) to automatically proxy selected beans.

NB: Automatic auto-proxying is not supported for BeanFactory implementations, as post-processors beans are only automatically detected in application contexts. Post-processors can be explicitly registered on a ConfigurableBeanFactory instead.


TargetSourceCreator Implementations can create special target sources, such as pooling target sources, for particular beans. 


AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator Generic auto proxy creator that builds AOP proxies for specific beans based on detected Advisors for each bean. 
AbstractAutoProxyCreator BeanPostProcessor implementation that wraps each eligible bean with an AOP proxy, delegating to specified interceptors before invoking the bean itself. 
AutoProxyUtils Utilities for auto-proxy aware components. 
BeanFactoryAdvisorRetrievalHelper Helper for retrieving standard Spring Advisors from a BeanFactory, for use with auto-proxying. 
BeanNameAutoProxyCreator Auto proxy creator that identifies beans to proxy via a list of names. 
DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator BeanPostProcessor implementation that creates AOP proxies based on all candidate Advisors in the current BeanFactory. 
InfrastructureAdvisorAutoProxyCreator Auto-proxy creator that considers infrastructure Advisor beans only, ignoring any application-defined Advisors. 
ProxyCreationContext Holder for the current proxy creation context, as exposed by auto-proxy creators such as AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator