Also: SpringCore


This package defines Spring's core TaskExecutor abstraction, and provides SyncTaskExecutor and SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor implementations.


AsyncTaskExecutor Extended interface for asynchronous TaskExecutor implementations, offering an overloaded execute(Runnable, long) variant with a start timeout parameter as well support for java.util.concurrent.Callable. 
TaskExecutor Simple task executor interface that abstracts the execution of a Runnable. 


SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor TaskExecutor implementation that fires up a new Thread for each task, executing it asynchronously. 
SyncTaskExecutor TaskExecutor implementation that executes each task synchronously in the calling thread. 


TaskRejectedException Exception thrown when a TaskExecutor rejects to accept a given task for execution. 
TaskTimeoutException Exception thrown when a AsyncTaskExecutor rejects to accept a given task for execution because of the specified timeout.