Provides a strategy for MBeanInfo assembly. Used by MBeanExporter to determine the attributes and operations to expose for Spring-managed beans.


AutodetectCapableMBeanInfoAssembler Extends the MBeanInfoAssembler to add autodetection logic. 
MBeanInfoAssembler Interface to be implemented by all classes that can create management interface metadata for a managed resource. 


AbstractConfigurableMBeanInfoAssembler Base class for MBeanInfoAssemblers that support configurable JMX notification behavior. 
AbstractMBeanInfoAssembler Abstract implementation of the MBeanInfoAssembler interface that encapsulates the creation of a ModelMBeanInfo instance but delegates the creation of metadata to subclasses. 
AbstractReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler Builds on the AbstractMBeanInfoAssembler superclass to add a basic algorithm for building metadata based on the reflective metadata of the MBean class. 
InterfaceBasedMBeanInfoAssembler Subclass of AbstractReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler that allows for the management interface of a bean to be defined using arbitrary interfaces. 
MetadataMBeanInfoAssembler Implementation of the MBeanInfoAssembler interface that reads the management interface information from source level metadata. 
MethodExclusionMBeanInfoAssembler AbstractReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler subclass that allows method names to be explicitly excluded as MBean operations and attributes. 
MethodNameBasedMBeanInfoAssembler Subclass of AbstractReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler that allows to specify method names to be exposed as MBean operations and attributes. 
SimpleReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler Simple subclass of AbstractReflectiveMBeanInfoAssembler that always votes yes for method and property inclusion, effectively exposing all public methods and properties as operations and attributes.