This package provides JCA-based endpoint management for JMS message listeners.


JmsActivationSpecFactory Strategy interface for creating JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec objects based on a configured JmsActivationSpecConfig object. 


DefaultJmsActivationSpecFactory Default implementation of the JmsActivationSpecFactory interface. 
JmsActivationSpecConfig Common configuration object for activating a JMS message endpoint. 
JmsMessageEndpointFactory JMS-specific implementation of the JCA 1.5 javax.resource.spi.endpoint.MessageEndpointFactory interface, providing transaction management capabilities for a JMS listener object (e.g. 
JmsMessageEndpointManager Extension of the generic JCA 1.5 GenericMessageEndpointManager, adding JMS-specific support for ActivationSpec configuration. 
StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory Standard implementation of the JmsActivationSpecFactory interface. 


JmsMessageEndpointFactory.JmsResourceException Internal exception thrown when a ResourceExeption has been encountered during the endpoint invocation.