Support for generic request context holding, in particular for scoping of application objects per HTTP request or HTTP session.


NativeWebRequest Extension of the WebRequest interface, exposing the native request and response objects in a generic fashion. 
RequestAttributes Abstraction for accessing attribute objects associated with a request. 
WebRequest Generic interface for a web request. 
WebRequestInterceptor Interface for general web request interception. 


AbstractRequestAttributes Abstract support class for RequestAttributes implementations, offering a request completion mechanism for request-specific destruction callbacks and for updating accessed session attributes. 
AbstractRequestAttributesScope Abstract Scope implementation that reads from a particular scope in the current thread-bound RequestAttributes object. 
DestructionCallbackBindingListener Adapter that implements the Servlet 2.3 HttpSessionBindingListener interface, wrapping a session destruction callback. 
FacesRequestAttributes RequestAttributes adapter for a JSF javax.faces.context.FacesContext. 
FacesWebRequest WebRequest adapter for a JSF javax.faces.context.FacesContext. 
Log4jNestedDiagnosticContextInterceptor Request logging interceptor that adds a request context message to the Log4J nested diagnostic context (NDC) before the request is processed, removing it again after the request is processed. 
RequestContextHolder Holder class to expose the web request in the form of a thread-bound RequestAttributes object. 
RequestContextListener Servlet 2.4+ listener that exposes the request to the current thread, through both LocaleContextHolder and RequestContextHolder
RequestScope Request-backed Scope implementation. 
ServletRequestAttributes Servlet-based implementation of the RequestAttributes interface. 
ServletWebRequest WebRequest adapter for an javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest. 
SessionScope Session-backed Scope implementation.