Contains a basic abstraction over client/server-side HTTP. This package contains the HttpInputMessage and HttpOutputMessage interfaces.


HttpInputMessage Represents an HTTP input message, consisting of headers and a readable body
HttpMessage Represents the base interface for HTTP request and response messages. 
HttpOutputMessage Represents an HTTP output message, consisting of headers and a writable body
HttpRequest Represents an HTTP request message, consisting of method and uri


HttpEntity<T> Represents an HTTP request or response entity, consisting of headers and body. 
HttpHeaders Represents HTTP request and response headers, mapping string header names to list of string values. 
MediaType Represents an Internet Media Type, as defined in the HTTP specification. 
MediaTypeEditor java.beans.PropertyEditor Editor for MediaType descriptors, to automatically convert String specifications (e.g. 
ResponseEntity<T> Extension of HttpEntity that adds a HttpStatus status code. 


HttpMethod Java 5 enumeration of HTTP request methods. 
HttpStatus Java 5 enumeration of HTTP status codes. 
HttpStatus.Series Java 5 enumeration of HTTP status series.