Support package for load time weaving based on class loaders, as required by JPA providers (but not JPA-specific).


LoadTimeWeaver Defines the contract for adding one or more ClassFileTransformer ClassFileTransformers to a ClassLoader. 


InstrumentationLoadTimeWeaver LoadTimeWeaver relying on VM Instrumentation. 
ReflectiveLoadTimeWeaver LoadTimeWeaver which uses reflection to delegate to an underlying ClassLoader with well-known transformation hooks. 
ResourceOverridingShadowingClassLoader Subclass of ShadowingClassLoader that overrides attempts to locate certain files. 
ShadowingClassLoader ClassLoader decorator that shadows an enclosing ClassLoader, applying registered transformers to all affected classes. 
SimpleInstrumentableClassLoader Simplistic implementation of an instrumentable ClassLoader
SimpleLoadTimeWeaver LoadTimeWeaver that builds and exposes a SimpleInstrumentableClassLoader
SimpleThrowawayClassLoader ClassLoader that can be used to load classes without bringing them into the parent loader. 
WeavingTransformer ClassFileTransformer-based weaver, allowing for a list of transformers to be applied on a class byte array.