Core package of the client-side web support. Provides a RestTemplate class and various callback interfaces.


RequestCallback Callback interface for code that operates on a ClientHttpRequest
ResponseErrorHandler Strategy interface used by the RestTemplate to determine whether a particular response has an error or not. 
ResponseExtractor<T> Generic callback interface used by RestTemplate's retrieval methods Implementations of this interface perform the actual work of extracting data from a ClientHttpResponse, but don't need to worry about exception handling or closing resources. 
RestOperations Interface specifying a basic set of RESTful operations. 


DefaultResponseErrorHandler Default implementation of the ResponseErrorHandler interface. 
HttpMessageConverterExtractor<T> Response extractor that uses the given entity converters to convert the response into a type T
RestTemplate The central class for client-side HTTP access. 


HttpClientErrorException Exception thrown when an HTTP 4xx is received. 
HttpServerErrorException Exception thrown when an HTTP 5xx is received. 
HttpStatusCodeException Abstract base class for exceptions based on an HttpStatus
ResourceAccessException Exception thrown when an I/O error occurs. 
RestClientException Base class for exceptions thrown by RestTemplate whenever it encounters client-side HTTP errors.