Support classes for integrating a JSF web tier with a Spring middle tier which is hosted in a Spring root WebApplicationContext.

Supports easy access to beans in the Spring root WebApplicationContext from JSF EL expressions, for example in property values of JSF-managed beans.


DecoratingNavigationHandler Base class for JSF NavigationHandler implementations that want to be capable of decorating an original NavigationHandler. 
DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy JSF NavigationHandler implementation that delegates to a NavigationHandler bean obtained from the Spring root WebApplicationContext. 
DelegatingPhaseListenerMulticaster JSF PhaseListener implementation that delegates to one or more Spring-managed PhaseListener beans coming from the Spring root WebApplicationContext. 
DelegatingVariableResolver JSF 1.1 VariableResolver that first delegates to the original resolver of the underlying JSF implementation (for resolving managed-bean objects as defined in faces-config.xml as well as well-known implicit EL attributes), then to the Spring root WebApplicationContext (for resolving Spring beans). 
FacesContextUtils Convenience methods to retrieve the root WebApplicationContext for a given FacesContext. 
SpringBeanVariableResolver This is a subclass of the JSF 1.1 DelegatingVariableResolver, letting Spring bean definitions override other attributes of the same name. 
WebApplicationContextVariableResolver Special JSF 1.1 VariableResolver that exposes the Spring WebApplicationContext instance under a variable named "webApplicationContext".