Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations and various utility classes.


AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext subclass which implements the ConfigurableWebApplicationContext interface for web environments. 
AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext WebApplicationContext implementation which accepts annotated classes as input - in particular @Configuration-annotated classes, but also plain @Components and JSR-330 compliant classes using javax.inject annotations. 
ContextExposingHttpServletRequest HttpServletRequest decorator that makes all Spring beans in a given WebApplicationContext accessible as request attributes, through lazy checking once an attribute gets accessed. 
DefaultWebEnvironment Environment implementation to be used by Servlet-based web applications. 
GenericWebApplicationContext Subclass of GenericApplicationContext, suitable for web environments. 
HttpRequestHandlerServlet Simple HttpServlet that delegates to an HttpRequestHandler bean defined in Spring's root web application context. 
RequestHandledEvent Event raised when a request is handled within an ApplicationContext. 
ServletConfigPropertySource PropertySource that reads init parameters from a ServletConfig object. 
ServletContextAttributeExporter Exporter that takes Spring-defined objects and exposes them as ServletContext attributes. 
ServletContextAttributeFactoryBean FactoryBean that fetches a specific, existing ServletContext attribute. 
ServletContextAwareProcessor BeanPostProcessor implementation that passes the ServletContext to beans that implement the ServletContextAware interface. 
ServletContextFactoryBean This class is deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, since "servletContext" is now available as a default bean in every WebApplicationContext  
ServletContextParameterFactoryBean FactoryBean that retrieves a specific ServletContext init parameter (that is, a "context-param" defined in web.xml). 
ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer This class is deprecated. in Spring 3.1 in favor of PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer in conjunction with DefaultWebEnvironment.  
ServletContextPropertySource PropertySource that reads init parameters from a ServletContext object. 
ServletContextResource Resource implementation for javax.servlet.ServletContext resources, interpreting relative paths within the web application root directory. 
ServletContextResourceLoader ResourceLoader implementation that resolves paths as ServletContext resources, for use outside a WebApplicationContext (for example, in an HttpServletBean or GenericFilterBean subclass). 
ServletContextResourcePatternResolver ServletContext-aware subclass of PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver, able to find matching resources below the web application root directory via Servlet 2.3's ServletContext.getResourcePaths
ServletContextScope Scope wrapper for a ServletContext, i.e. 
ServletRequestHandledEvent Servlet-specific subclass of RequestHandledEvent, adding servlet-specific context information. 
SpringBeanAutowiringSupport Convenient base class for self-autowiring classes that gets constructed within a Spring-based web application. 
StaticWebApplicationContext Static WebApplicationContext implementation for testing. 
WebApplicationContextUtils Convenience methods for retrieving the root WebApplicationContext for a given ServletContext
WebApplicationObjectSupport Convenient superclass for application objects running in a WebApplicationContext. 
XmlWebApplicationContext WebApplicationContext implementation which takes its configuration from XML documents, understood by an XmlBeanDefinitionReader