Support for Spring's application context concept in a portlet environment, including ApplicationContext implementations and various utility classes.


ConfigurablePortletApplicationContext Interface to be implemented by configurable portlet application contexts. 
PortletConfigAware Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to be notified of the PortletConfig (typically determined by the PortletApplicationContext) that it runs in. 
PortletContextAware Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to be notified of the PortletContext (typically determined by the PortletApplicationContext) that it runs in. 


AbstractRefreshablePortletApplicationContext AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext subclass which implements the ConfigurablePortletApplicationContext interface for portlet environments. 
DefaultPortletEnvironment Environment implementation to be used by Servlet-based web applications. 
PortletApplicationContextUtils Convenience methods for retrieving the root WebApplicationContext for a given PortletContext. 
PortletApplicationObjectSupport Convenient superclass for application objects running in a Portlet ApplicationContext. 
PortletConfigPropertySource PropertySource that reads init parameters from a PortletConfig object. 
PortletContextAwareProcessor BeanPostProcessor implementation that passes the PortletContext to beans that implement the PortletContextAware interface. 
PortletContextPropertySource PropertySource that reads init parameters from a PortletContext object. 
PortletContextResource Resource implementation for javax.portlet.PortletContext resources, interpreting relative paths within the portlet application root directory. 
PortletContextResourceLoader ResourceLoader implementation that resolves paths as PortletContext resources, for use outside a Portlet ApplicationContext (for example, in a GenericPortletBean subclass). 
PortletContextResourcePatternResolver PortletContext-aware subclass of PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver, able to find matching resources below the web application root directory via Portlet API's PortletContext.getResourcePaths
PortletContextScope Scope wrapper for a PortletContext, i.e. 
PortletRequestAttributes Portlet-based implementation of the RequestAttributes interface. 
PortletRequestHandledEvent Portlet-specific subclass of RequestHandledEvent, adding portlet-specific context information. 
PortletWebRequest WebRequest adapter for a javax.portlet.PortletRequest. 
StaticPortletApplicationContext Static Portlet-based ApplicationContext implementation for testing. 
XmlPortletApplicationContext Portlet-based WebApplicationContext implementation which takes its configuration from XML documents, understood by an XmlBeanDefinitionReader