Generic support classes for remoting implementations. Provides abstract base classes for remote proxy factories.


RemoteInvocationExecutor Strategy interface for executing a RemoteInvocation on a target object. 
RemoteInvocationFactory Strategy interface for creating a RemoteInvocation from an AOP Alliance org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInvocation. 


DefaultRemoteInvocationExecutor Default implementation of the RemoteInvocationExecutor interface. 
DefaultRemoteInvocationFactory Default implementation of the RemoteInvocationFactory interface. 
RemoteAccessor Abstract base class for classes that access a remote service. 
RemoteExporter Abstract base class for classes that export a remote service. 
RemoteInvocation Encapsulates a remote invocation, providing core method invocation properties in a serializable fashion. 
RemoteInvocationBasedAccessor Abstract base class for remote service accessors that are based on serialization of RemoteInvocation objects. 
RemoteInvocationBasedExporter Abstract base class for remote service exporters that are based on deserialization of RemoteInvocation objects. 
RemoteInvocationResult Encapsulates a remote invocation result, holding a result value or an exception. 
RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor for tracing remote invocations. 
RemoteInvocationUtils General utilities for handling remote invocations. 
RemotingSupport Generic support base class for remote accessor and exporters, providing common bean ClassLoader handling. 
SimpleHttpServerFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates a simple HTTP server, based on the HTTP server that is included in Sun's JRE 1.6. 
UrlBasedRemoteAccessor Abstract base class for classes that access remote services via URLs.