Provides standard HandlerMapping implementations, including abstract base classes for custom implementations.


AbstractDetectingUrlHandlerMapping Abstract implementation of the HandlerMapping interface, detecting URL mappings for handler beans through introspection of all defined beans in the application context. 
AbstractHandlerExceptionResolver Abstract base class for HandlerExceptionResolver implementations. 
AbstractHandlerMapping Abstract base class for HandlerMapping implementations. 
AbstractUrlHandlerMapping Abstract base class for URL-mapped HandlerMapping implementations. 
BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping Implementation of the HandlerMapping interface that map from URLs to beans with names that start with a slash ("/"), similar to how Struts maps URLs to action names. 
ConversionServiceExposingInterceptor Interceptor that places the configured ConversionService in request scope so it's available during request processing. 
DispatcherServletWebRequest ServletWebRequest subclass that is aware of DispatcherServlet's request context, such as the Locale determined by the configured LocaleResolver
HandlerInterceptorAdapter Abstract adapter class for the HandlerInterceptor interface, for simplified implementation of pre-only/post-only interceptors. 
MappedInterceptor Holds information about a HandlerInterceptor mapped to a path into the application. 
SimpleMappingExceptionResolver HandlerExceptionResolver implementation that allows for mapping exception class names to view names, either for a set of given handlers or for all handlers in the DispatcherServlet. 
SimpleServletHandlerAdapter Adapter to use the Servlet interface with the generic DispatcherServlet. 
SimpleServletPostProcessor BeanPostProcessor that applies initialization and destruction callbacks to beans that implement the javax.servlet.Servlet interface. 
SimpleUrlHandlerMapping Implementation of the HandlerMapping interface to map from URLs to request handler beans. 
UserRoleAuthorizationInterceptor Interceptor that checks the authorization of the current user via the user's roles, as evaluated by HttpServletRequest's isUserInRole method. 
WebRequestHandlerInterceptorAdapter Adapter that implements the Servlet HandlerInterceptor interface and wraps an underlying WebRequestInterceptor.