Support classes for the integration of Velocity as Spring web view technology. Contains a View implementation for Velocity templates.


VelocityConfig Interface to be implemented by objects that configure and manage a VelocityEngine for automatic lookup in a web environment. 


VelocityConfigurer JavaBean to configure Velocity for web usage, via the "configLocation" and/or "velocityProperties" and/or "resourceLoaderPath" bean properties. 
VelocityLayoutView VelocityLayoutView emulates the functionality offered by Velocity's VelocityLayoutServlet to ease page composition from different templates. 
VelocityLayoutViewResolver Convenience subclass of VelocityViewResolver, adding support for VelocityLayoutView and its properties. 
VelocityToolboxView VelocityView subclass which adds support for Velocity Tools toolboxes and Velocity Tools ViewTool callbacks / Velocity Tools 1.3 init methods. 
VelocityView View using the Velocity template engine. 
VelocityViewResolver Convenience subclass of UrlBasedViewResolver that supports VelocityView (i.e.