Support classes for integrating a JSR-303 Bean Validation provider (such as Hibernate Validator 4.0) into a Spring ApplicationContext and in particular with Spring's data binding and validation APIs.

The central class is LocalValidatorFactoryBean which defines a shared ValidatorFactory/Validator setup for availability to other Spring components.


BeanValidationPostProcessor Simple BeanPostProcessor that checks JSR-303 constraint annotations in Spring-managed beans, throwing an initialization exception in case of constraint violations right before calling the bean's init method (if any). 
CustomValidatorBean Configurable bean class that exposes a specific JSR-303 Validator through its original interface as well as through the Spring Validator interface. 
LocaleContextMessageInterpolator Delegates to a target MessageInterpolator implementation but enforces Spring's managed Locale. 
LocalValidatorFactoryBean This is the central class for javax.validation (JSR-303) setup in a Spring application context: It bootstraps a javax.validation.ValidationFactory and exposes it through the Spring Validator interface as well as through the JSR-303 javax.validation.Validator interface and the javax.validation.ValidatorFactory interface itself. 
MessageSourceResourceBundleLocator Implementation of Hibernate Validator 4.1's ResourceBundleLocator interface, exposing a Spring MessageSource as localized MessageSourceResourceBundle
SpringConstraintValidatorFactory JSR-303 ConstraintValidatorFactory implementation that delegates to a Spring BeanFactory for creating autowired ConstraintValidator instances. 
SpringValidatorAdapter Adapter that takes a JSR-303 javax.validator.Validator and exposes it as a Spring Validator while also exposing the original JSR-303 Validator interface itself.