The classes in this package represent EIS operations as threadsafe, reusable objects. This higher level of CCI abstraction depends on the lower-level abstraction in the org.springframework.jca.cci.core package. Exceptions thrown are as in the org.springframework.dao package, meaning that code using this package does not need to worry about error handling.


EisOperation Base class for EIS operation objects that work with the CCI API. 
MappingCommAreaOperation EIS operation object for access to COMMAREA records. 
MappingRecordOperation EIS operation object that expects mapped input and output objects, converting to and from CCI Records. 
MappingRecordOperation.RecordCreatorImpl Implementation of RecordCreator that calls the enclosing class's createInputRecord method. 
MappingRecordOperation.RecordExtractorImpl Implementation of RecordExtractor that calls the enclosing class's extractOutputData method. 
SimpleRecordOperation EIS operation object that accepts a passed-in CCI input Record and returns a corresponding CCI output Record.