Support classes for the integration of Tiles2 (the standalone version of Tiles) as Spring web view technology. Contains a View implementation for Tiles definitions.


AbstractSpringPreparerFactory Abstract implementation of the Tiles2 org.apache.tiles.preparer.PreparerFactory interface, obtaining the current Spring WebApplicationContext and delegating to getPreparer(String, org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext)
SimpleSpringPreparerFactory Tiles2 org.apache.tiles.preparer.PreparerFactory implementation that expects preparer class names and builds preparer instances for those, creating them through the Spring ApplicationContext in order to apply Spring container callbacks and configured Spring BeanPostProcessors. 
SpringBeanPreparerFactory Tiles2 org.apache.tiles.preparer.PreparerFactory implementation that expects preparer bean names and obtains preparer beans from the Spring ApplicationContext. 
SpringLocaleResolver Tiles LocaleResolver adapter that delegates to a Spring LocaleResolver, exposing the DispatcherServlet-managed locale. 
SpringTilesApplicationContextFactory Spring-specific subclass of the standard Tiles AbstractTilesApplicationContextFactory, passing given properties through as Tiles init-param map. 
TilesConfigurer Helper class to configure Tiles 2.x for the Spring Framework. 
TilesView View implementation that retrieves a Tiles definition. 
TilesViewResolver Convenience subclass of UrlBasedViewResolver that supports TilesView (i.e.