Convenience classes for scheduling based on the CommonJ WorkManager/TimerManager facility, as supported by IBM WebSphere 6.0+ and BEA WebLogic 9.0+.


DelegatingTimerListener Simple TimerListener adapter that delegates to a given Runnable. 
DelegatingWork Simple Work adapter that delegates to a given Runnable. 
ScheduledTimerListener JavaBean that describes a scheduled TimerListener, consisting of the TimerListener itself (or a Runnable to create a TimerListener for) and a delay plus period. 
TimerManagerAccessor Base class for classes that are accessing a CommonJ commonj.timers.TimerManager Defines common configuration settings and common lifecycle handling. 
TimerManagerFactoryBean FactoryBean that retrieves a CommonJ commonj.timers.TimerManager and exposes it for bean references. 
TimerManagerTaskScheduler Implementation of Spring's TaskScheduler interface, wrapping a CommonJ commonj.timers.TimerManager. 
WorkManagerTaskExecutor TaskExecutor implementation that delegates to a CommonJ WorkManager, implementing the interface, which either needs to be specified as reference or through the JNDI name.