Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework. Provides easy evaluation of the request context in views, and miscellaneous HandlerInterceptor implementations.


BindStatus Simple adapter to expose the bind status of a field or object. 
JspAwareRequestContext JSP-aware (and JSTL-aware) subclass of RequestContext, allowing for population of the context from a javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext
JstlUtils Helper class for preparing JSTL views, in particular for exposing a JSTL localization context. 
RequestContext Context holder for request-specific state, like current web application context, current locale, current theme, and potential binding errors. 
RequestContextUtils Utility class for easy access to request-specific state which has been set by the DispatcherServlet
WebContentGenerator Convenient superclass for any kind of web content generator, like AbstractController and WebContentInterceptor