Provides generic JMX metadata classes and basic support for reading JMX metadata in a provider-agnostic manner.


JmxAttributeSource Interface used by the MetadataMBeanInfoAssembler to read source-level metadata from a managed resource's class. 


AbstractJmxAttribute Base class for all JMX metadata classes. 
JmxMetadataUtils Utility methods for converting Spring JMX metadata into their plain JMX equivalents. 
ManagedAttribute Metadata that indicates to expose a given bean property as JMX attribute. 
ManagedMetric Metadata that indicates to expose a given bean property as a JMX attribute, with additional descriptor properties that indicate that the attribute is a metric. 
ManagedNotification Metadata that indicates a JMX notification emitted by a bean. 
ManagedOperation Metadata that indicates to expose a given method as JMX operation. 
ManagedOperationParameter Metadata about JMX operation parameters. 
ManagedResource Metadata indicating that instances of an annotated class are to be registered with a JMX server. 


InvalidMetadataException Thrown by the JmxAttributeSource when it encounters incorrect metadata on a managed resource or one of its methods.