Support classes for the JDBC framework, used by the classes in the jdbc.core and jdbc.object packages. Provides a translator from SQLExceptions Spring's generic DataAccessExceptions.

Can be used independently, for example in custom JDBC access code, or in JDBC-based O/R mapping layers.


DatabaseMetaDataCallback A callback interface used by the JdbcUtils class. 
KeyHolder Interface for retrieving keys, typically used for auto-generated keys as potentially returned by JDBC insert statements. 
SQLExceptionTranslator Strategy interface for translating between SQLException SQLExceptions and Spring's data access strategy-agnostic DataAccessException hierarchy. 
SqlValue Simple interface for complex types to be set as statement parameters. 


AbstractFallbackSQLExceptionTranslator Base class for SQLExceptionTranslator implementations that allow for fallback to some other SQLExceptionTranslator
CustomSQLErrorCodesTranslation JavaBean for holding custom JDBC error codes translation for a particular database. 
DatabaseStartupValidator Bean that checks if a database has already started up. 
GeneratedKeyHolder Default implementation of the KeyHolder interface, to be used for holding auto-generated keys (as potentially returned by JDBC insert statements). 
JdbcAccessor Base class for JdbcTemplate and other JDBC-accessing DAO helpers, defining common properties such as DataSource and exception translator. 
JdbcUtils Generic utility methods for working with JDBC. 
SQLErrorCodes JavaBean for holding JDBC error codes for a particular database. 
SQLErrorCodesFactory Factory for creating SQLErrorCodes based on the "databaseProductName" taken from the java.sql.DatabaseMetaData. 
SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator Implementation of SQLExceptionTranslator that analyzes vendor-specific error codes. 
SQLExceptionSubclassTranslator SQLExceptionTranslator implementation which analyzes the specific java.sql.SQLException subclass thrown by the JDBC driver. 
SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator SQLExceptionTranslator implementation that analyzes the SQL state in the SQLException based on the first two digits (the SQL state "class"). 


MetaDataAccessException Exception indicating that something went wrong during JDBC metadata lookup.