Provides extensible support for creating embedded database instances. HSQL in-memory support provided natively


ConnectionProperties DataSourceFactory helper that allows essential JDBC connection properties to be configured consistently, independent of the actual DataSource implementation. 
DataSourceFactory Encapsulates the creation of a particular DataSource implementation, such as a SimpleDriverDataSource or connection pool such as Apache DBCP or C3P0. 
EmbeddedDatabase A handle to an EmbeddedDatabase instance. 
EmbeddedDatabaseConfigurer Encapsulates the configuration required to create, connect to, and shutdown a specific type of embedded database such as HSQL or H2. 


EmbeddedDatabaseBuilder A builder that provides a fluent API for constructing an embedded database. 
EmbeddedDatabaseFactory Creates a EmbeddedDatabase instance. 
EmbeddedDatabaseFactoryBean A subclass of EmbeddedDatabaseFactory that implements FactoryBean for registration as a Spring bean. 
OutputStreamFactory Internal helper for exposing dummy OutputStreams to embedded databases such as Derby, preventing the creation of a log file. 


EmbeddedDatabaseType A supported embedded database type.