Classes supporting the org.springframework.context package, such as abstract base classes for ApplicationContext implementations and a MessageSource implementation.


AbstractApplicationContext Abstract implementation of the ApplicationContext interface. 
AbstractMessageSource Abstract implementation of the HierarchicalMessageSource interface, implementing common handling of message variants, making it easy to implement a specific strategy for a concrete MessageSource. 
AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext Base class for ApplicationContext implementations which are supposed to support multiple calls to refresh(), creating a new internal bean factory instance every time. 
AbstractRefreshableConfigApplicationContext AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext subclass that adds common handling of specified config locations. 
AbstractXmlApplicationContext Convenient base class for ApplicationContext implementations, drawing configuration from XML documents containing bean definitions understood by an XmlBeanDefinitionReader
ApplicationObjectSupport Convenient superclass for application objects that want to be aware of the application context, e.g. 
ClassPathXmlApplicationContext Standalone XML application context, taking the context definition files from the class path, interpreting plain paths as class path resource names that include the package path (e.g. 
ConversionServiceFactoryBean A factory providing convenient access to a ConversionService configured with converters appropriate for most environments. 
DefaultLifecycleProcessor Default implementation of the LifecycleProcessor strategy. 
DefaultMessageSourceResolvable Default implementation of the MessageSourceResolvable interface. 
DelegatingMessageSource Empty MessageSource that delegates all calls to the parent MessageSource. 
FileSystemXmlApplicationContext Standalone XML application context, taking the context definition files from the file system or from URLs, interpreting plain paths as relative file system locations (e.g. 
GenericApplicationContext Generic ApplicationContext implementation that holds a single internal DefaultListableBeanFactory instance and does not assume a specific bean definition format. 
GenericXmlApplicationContext Convenient application context with built-in XML support. 
MessageSourceAccessor Helper class for easy access to messages from a MessageSource, providing various overloaded getMessage methods. 
MessageSourceResourceBundle Helper class that allows for accessing a Spring MessageSource as a java.util.ResourceBundle. 
MessageSourceSupport Base class for message source implementations, providing support infrastructure such as java.text.MessageFormat handling but not implementing concrete methods defined in the MessageSource
PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer Specialization of PlaceholderConfigurerSupport

Local properties are added as a property source in any case. 

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource MessageSource implementation that accesses resource bundles using specified basenames. 
ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource.PropertiesHolder PropertiesHolder for caching. 
ResourceBundleMessageSource MessageSource implementation that accesses resource bundles using specified basenames. 
SimpleThreadScope Thread-backed Scope implementation. 
StaticApplicationContext ApplicationContext implementation which supports programmatic registration of beans and messages, rather than reading bean definitions from external configuration sources. 
StaticMessageSource Simple implementation of MessageSource which allows messages to be registered programmatically.