Provides a stategy interface for Large OBject handling, with implementations for various databases.

Can be used independently from jdbc.core and jdbc.object, for example in custom JDBC access code.


LobCreator Interface that abstracts potentially database-specific creation of large binary fields and large text fields. 
LobHandler Abstraction for handling large binary fields and large text fields in specific databases, no matter if represented as simple types or Large OBjects. 
OracleLobHandler.LobCallback Internal callback interface for use with createLob. 


AbstractLobHandler Abstract base class for LobHandler implementations. 
DefaultLobHandler Default implementation of the LobHandler interface. 
DefaultLobHandler.DefaultLobCreator Default LobCreator implementation as inner class. 
JtaLobCreatorSynchronization Callback for resource cleanup at the end of a JTA transaction. 
LobCreatorUtils Helper class for registering a transaction synchronization for closing a LobCreator, preferring Spring transaction synchronization and falling back to plain JTA transaction synchronization. 
OracleLobHandler LobHandler implementation for Oracle databases. 
OracleLobHandler.OracleLobCreator LobCreator implementation for Oracle databases. 
SpringLobCreatorSynchronization Callback for resource cleanup at the end of a Spring transaction.