Provides data binding and validation functionality, for usage in business and/or UI layers.


BindingErrorProcessor Strategy for processing DataBinder's missing field errors, and for translating a PropertyAccessException to a FieldError
BindingResult General interface that represents binding results. 
Errors Stores and exposes information about data-binding and validation errors for a specific object. 
MessageCodesResolver Strategy interface for building message codes from validation error codes. 
Validator A validator for application-specific objects. 


AbstractBindingResult Abstract implementation of the BindingResult interface and its super-interface Errors
AbstractErrors Abstract implementation of the Errors interface. 
AbstractPropertyBindingResult Abstract base class for BindingResult implementations that work with Spring's PropertyAccessor mechanism. 
BeanPropertyBindingResult Default implementation of the Errors and BindingResult interfaces, for the registration and evaluation of binding errors on JavaBean objects. 
BindingResultUtils Convenience methods for looking up BindingResults in a model Map. 
DataBinder Binder that allows for setting property values onto a target object, including support for validation and binding result analysis. 
DefaultBindingErrorProcessor Default BindingErrorProcessor implementation. 
DefaultMessageCodesResolver Default implementation of the MessageCodesResolver interface. 
DirectFieldBindingResult Special implementation of the Errors and BindingResult interfaces, supporting registration and evaluation of binding errors on value objects. 
FieldError Encapsulates a field error, that is, a reason for rejecting a specific field value. 
MapBindingResult Map-based implementation of the BindingResult interface, supporting registration and evaluation of binding errors on Map attributes. 
ObjectError Encapsulates an object error, that is, a global reason for rejecting an object. 
ValidationUtils Utility class offering convenient methods for invoking a Validator and for rejecting empty fields. 


BindException Thrown when binding errors are considered fatal.