Also: SpringBeans


The core package implementing Spring's lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) container.

Provides an alternative to the Singleton and Prototype design patterns, including a consistent approach to configuration management. Builds on the org.springframework.beans package.

This package and related packages are discussed in Chapter 11 of Expert One-On-One J2EE Design and Development by Rod Johnson (Wrox, 2002).


Aware Marker superinterface indicating that a bean is eligible to be notified by the Spring container of a particular framework object through a callback-style method. 
BeanClassLoaderAware Callback that allows a bean to be aware of the bean ClassLoader class loader; that is, the class loader used by the present bean factory to load bean classes. 
BeanFactory The root interface for accessing a Spring bean container. 
BeanFactoryAware Interface to be implemented by beans that wish to be aware of their owning BeanFactory
BeanNameAware Interface to be implemented by beans that want to be aware of their bean name in a bean factory. 
DisposableBean Interface to be implemented by beans that want to release resources on destruction. 
FactoryBean<T> Interface to be implemented by objects used within a BeanFactory which are themselves factories. 
HierarchicalBeanFactory Sub-interface implemented by bean factories that can be part of a hierarchy. 
InitializingBean Interface to be implemented by beans that need to react once all their properties have been set by a BeanFactory: for example, to perform custom initialization, or merely to check that all mandatory properties have been set. 
ListableBeanFactory Extension of the BeanFactory interface to be implemented by bean factories that can enumerate all their bean instances, rather than attempting bean lookup by name one by one as requested by clients. 
NamedBean Counterpart of BeanNameAware. 
ObjectFactory<T> Defines a factory which can return an Object instance (possibly shared or independent) when invoked. 
SmartFactoryBean<T> Extension of the FactoryBean interface. 


BeanFactoryUtils Convenience methods operating on bean factories, in particular on the ListableBeanFactory interface. 


BeanCreationException Exception thrown when a BeanFactory encounters an error when attempting to create a bean from a bean definition. 
BeanCreationNotAllowedException Exception thrown in case of a bean being requested despite bean creation currently not being allowed (for example, during the shutdown phase of a bean factory). 
BeanCurrentlyInCreationException Exception thrown in case of a reference to a bean that's currently in creation. 
BeanDefinitionStoreException Exception thrown when a BeanFactory encounters an invalid bean definition: e.g. 
BeanExpressionException Exception that indicates an expression evaluation attempt having failed. 
BeanInitializationException Exception that a bean implementation is suggested to throw if its own factory-aware initialization code fails. 
BeanIsAbstractException Exception thrown when a bean instance has been requested for a bean definition which has been marked as abstract. 
BeanIsNotAFactoryException Exception thrown when a bean is not a factory, but a user tries to get at the factory for the given bean name. 
BeanNotOfRequiredTypeException Thrown when a bean doesn't match the expected type. 
CannotLoadBeanClassException Exception thrown when the BeanFactory cannot load the specified class of a given bean. 
FactoryBeanNotInitializedException Exception to be thrown from a FactoryBean's getObject() method if the bean is not fully initialized yet, for example because it is involved in a circular reference. 
NoSuchBeanDefinitionException Exception thrown when a BeanFactory is asked for a bean instance name for which it cannot find a definition. 
UnsatisfiedDependencyException Exception thrown when a bean depends on other beans or simple properties that were not specified in the bean factory definition, although dependency checking was enabled.