Also: SpringBeans


Support infrastructure for bean definition parsing.


ComponentDefinition Interface that describes the logical view of a set of BeanDefinitions and BeanReferences as presented in some configuration context. 
ComponentRegistrar TODO SPR-7420: document 
DefaultsDefinition Marker interface for a defaults definition, extending BeanMetadataElement to inherit source exposure. 
ParseState.Entry Marker interface for entries into the ParseState
ProblemCollector TODO SPR-7420: document 
ProblemReporter SPI interface allowing tools and other external processes to handle errors and warnings reported during bean definition parsing. 
ReaderEventListener Interface that receives callbacks for component, alias and import registrations during a bean definition reading process. 
SourceExtractor Simple strategy allowing tools to control how source metadata is attached to the bean definition metadata. 


AbstractComponentDefinition Base implementation of ComponentDefinition that provides a basic implementation of getDescription() which delegates to getName()
AliasDefinition Representation of an alias that has been registered during the parsing process. 
BeanComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition based on a standard BeanDefinition, exposing the given bean definition as well as inner bean definitions and bean references for the given bean. 
BeanEntry ParseState entry representing a bean definition. 
ComponentRegistrarAdapter TODO SPR-7420: document

Adapter is necessary as opposed to having ParserContext implement ComponentRegistrar directly due to tooling issues. 

CompositeComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition implementation that holds one or more nested ComponentDefinition instances, aggregating them into a named group of components. 
ConstructorArgumentEntry ParseState entry representing a (possibly indexed) constructor argument. 
EmptyReaderEventListener Empty implementation of the ReaderEventListener interface, providing no-op implementations of all callback methods. 
FailFastProblemReporter Simple ProblemReporter implementation that exhibits fail-fast behavior when errors are encountered. 
ImportDefinition Representation of an import that has been processed during the parsing process. 
Location Class that models an arbitrary location in a resource
NullSourceExtractor Simple implementation of SourceExtractor that returns null as the source metadata. 
ParseState Simple Stack-based structure for tracking the logical position during a parsing process. 
PassThroughSourceExtractor Simple SourceExtractor implementation that just passes the candidate source metadata object through for attachment. 
Problem Represents a problem with a bean definition configuration. 
PropertyEntry ParseState entry representing a JavaBean property. 
QualifierEntry ParseState entry representing an autowire candidate qualifier. 
ReaderContext Context that gets passed along a bean definition reading process, encapsulating all relevant configuration as well as state. 
SimpleProblemCollector TODO SPR-7420: document 


BeanDefinitionParsingException Exception thrown when a bean definition reader encounters an error during the parsing process.