Provides a PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS ConnectionFactory, and a SingleConnectionFactory adapter.


ConnectionFactoryUtils.ResourceFactory Callback interface for resource creation. 
SessionProxy Subinterface of javax.jms.Session to be implemented by Session proxies. 
SmartConnectionFactory Extension of the javax.jms.ConnectionFactory interface, indicating how to release Connections obtained from it. 


CachingConnectionFactory SingleConnectionFactory subclass that adds javax.jms.Session caching as well javax.jms.MessageProducer caching. 
ChainedExceptionListener Implementation of the JMS ExceptionListener interface that supports chaining, allowing the addition of multiple ExceptionListener instances in order. 
ConnectionFactoryUtils Helper class for managing a JMS javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, in particular for obtaining transactional JMS resources for a given ConnectionFactory. 
DelegatingConnectionFactory javax.jms.ConnectionFactory implementation that delegates all calls to a given target javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, adapting specific create(Queue/Topic)Connection calls to the target ConnectionFactory if necessary (e.g. 
JmsResourceHolder JMS resource holder, wrapping a JMS Connection and a JMS Session. 
JmsTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS javax.jms.ConnectionFactory. 
JmsTransactionManager102 This class is deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, in favor of the JMS 1.1 based JmsTransactionManager  
SingleConnectionFactory A JMS ConnectionFactory adapter that returns the same Connection from all createConnection() calls, and ignores calls to javax.jms.Connection#close(). 
SingleConnectionFactory102 This class is deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, in favor of the JMS 1.1 based SingleConnectionFactory  
TransactionAwareConnectionFactoryProxy Proxy for a target JMS javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, adding awareness of Spring-managed transactions. 
UserCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter An adapter for a target JMS javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, applying the given user credentials to every standard createConnection() call, that is, implicitly invoking createConnection(username, password) on the target. 


SynchedLocalTransactionFailedException Exception thrown when a synchronized local transaction failed to complete (after the main transaction has already completed).