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Properties editors used to convert from String values to object types such as java.util.Properties.

Some of these editors are registered automatically by BeanWrapperImpl. "CustomXxxEditor" classes are intended for manual registration in specific binding processes, as they are localized or the like.


ByteArrayPropertyEditor Editor for byte arrays. 
CharacterEditor Editor for a java.lang.Character, to populate a property of type Character or char from a String value. 
CharArrayPropertyEditor Editor for char arrays. 
CharsetEditor Editor for java.nio.charset.Charset, translating charset String representations into Charset objects and back. 
ClassArrayEditor Property editor for an array of java.lang.Class Classes, to enable the direct population of a Class[] property without having to use a String class name property as bridge. 
ClassEditor Property editor for java.lang.Class java.lang.Class, to enable the direct population of a Class property without recourse to having to use a String class name property as bridge. 
CurrencyEditor Editor for java.util.Currency, translating currency codes into Currency objects. 
CustomBooleanEditor Property editor for Boolean/boolean properties. 
CustomCollectionEditor Property editor for Collections, converting any source Collection to a given target Collection type. 
CustomDateEditor Property editor for java.util.Date, supporting a custom java.text.DateFormat
CustomMapEditor Property editor for Maps, converting any source Map to a given target Map type. 
CustomNumberEditor Property editor for any Number subclass such as Short, Integer, Long, BigInteger, Float, Double, BigDecimal. 
FileEditor Editor for, to directly populate a File property from a Spring resource location. 
InputSourceEditor Editor for org.xml.sax.InputSource, converting from a Spring resource location String to a SAX InputSource object. 
InputStreamEditor One-way PropertyEditor which can convert from a text String to a, interpreting the given String as Spring resource location (e.g. 
LocaleEditor Editor for java.util.Locale, to directly populate a Locale property. 
PatternEditor Editor for java.util.regex.Pattern, to directly populate a Pattern property. 
PropertiesEditor Custom java.beans.PropertyEditor for Properties objects. 
ResourceBundleEditor java.beans.PropertyEditor implementation for java.util.ResourceBundle ResourceBundles. 
StringArrayPropertyEditor Custom java.beans.PropertyEditor for String arrays. 
StringTrimmerEditor Property editor that trims Strings. 
TimeZoneEditor Editor for java.util.TimeZone, translating timezone IDs into TimeZone objects. 
URIEditor Editor for, to directly populate a URI property instead of using a String property as bridge. 
URLEditor Editor for, to directly populate a URL property instead of using a String property as bridge. 
UUIDEditor Editor for java.util.UUID, translating UUID String representations into UUID objects and back.