public interface



This interface is deprecated.
in favor of JAX-WS support in org.springframework.remoting.jaxws

Class Overview

Callback interface for post-processing a JAX-RPC Service.

Implementations can be registered with LocalJaxRpcServiceFactory or one of its subclasses: LocalJaxRpcServiceFactoryBean, JaxRpcPortClientInterceptor, or JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean.

Useful, for example, to register custom type mappings. See the class that registers Axis-specific bean mappings for specified bean classes. This is defined for the domain objects in the JPetStore same application, for example.


Public Methods
abstract void postProcessJaxRpcService(Service service)
Post-process the given JAX-RPC Service.

Public Methods

public abstract void postProcessJaxRpcService (Service service)

Post-process the given JAX-RPC Service.

service the current JAX-RPC Service (can be cast to an implementation-specific class if necessary)